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Table 1 Patient Characteristics

From: 'Personal Care' and General Practice Medicine in the UK: A qualitative interview study with patients and General Practitioners

Patient Reference (All pseudonyms) Health Status Practice Size Mean Deprivation Score
PP01-01 Mrs Thomson No health problems S Low
PP01-02 Mr and Mrs Uphall Parent with chronic conditions S Low
PP01-03 Ms Vickers Parent with chronic stress-related problems/child with multiple disabilities S Low
PP01-04 Mrs Watson Parent with chronic stress-related problems S Low
PP02-01 Mrs Peters Parents with chronic conditions and 2 children with additional and complex needs L Low
PP02-02 Mrs Quinton 2 children with chronic conditions L Low
PP02-03 Mrs Richardson Parent and 2 children with chronic conditions L Low
PP02-04 Mrs Smith No particular health problems L Low
MP01-01 Mrs Anderson Previous health problems with young child S High
MP01-02 Mrs Brown Parent with chronic health problems S High
MP01-03 Ms Campbell Parent with chronic health problem S High
MP01-04 Mrs Douglas No particular health problems S High
MP02-01 Mr and Mrs Ewan Both parents with chronic and debilitating health problems L High
MP02-02 Ms Forrest Parent with chronic health problems L High
MP02-03 Mr George and Ms Grange One parent with recent episode of ill-health L High
MP02-04 Mr Hendry and Ms Hamilton Young child with chronic health problem L High
MP03-01 Mr and Mrs Inch One parent with recent serious episode of ill-health L Low
MP 03-02 Ms Jackson No reported health problems L Low
MP 03-03 Mrs Kyle No reported health problems L Low
MP03-04 Ms Leishman One parent with chronic health problems and child with recent health problems L Low
MP 04-01 Mrs Mooney One parent had suffered from depressive illness S Low
MP 04-02 Ms Nichols Recent stress-related illness and emergency care for children S Low
MP 04-03 Mr and Mrs O'Neill Mother pregnant. No reported health problems S Low
  1. S = small (3 GPs or less)
  2. L = large (4 GPs or more)
  3. PP = patients interviewed in the preliminary stage of the study
  4. MP = patients interviewed in the main stage of the study