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Table 1 ADA 2007 Treatment Recommendations [3]

From: A practical approach for implementation of a basal-prandial insulin therapy regimen in patients with type 2 diabetes

Glycemic control:  
A1C < 7.0%*
Preprandial glucose or FPG 90–130 mg/dL
Peak postprandial capillary plasma glucose < 180 mg/dL
• Goals should be individualized  
• Special populations may require treatment modifications  
• If A1C goals are not met despite reaching preprandial glucose goals, target treatment to PPG goals if home glucose monitoring data demonstrate abnormally high blood glucose levels  
  1. *Referenced to a nondiabetic range of 4.0%–6.0% using a Diabetes Control and Complications
  2. Trial-based assay.
  3. More stringent glycemic goals (ie, a normal A1C < 6.0%) may further reduce complications at the cost of increased hypoglycemia risk.
  4. Copyright © 2007 American Diabetes Association from Diabetes Care, Vol. 30, 2007; S4-S41 Modified with permission from The American Diabetes Association