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Table 2 Preparing the Patient for Insulin Therapy

From: A practical approach for implementation of a basal-prandial insulin therapy regimen in patients with type 2 diabetes

• Discuss insulin at time of diagnosis of diabetes
• Dispel myths about insulin
• Maintain a positive attitude [8]
   - Assure the patient that the need for insulin does not represent a personal failure on his or her part
   - Express confidence in the patient's ability to master self-injection techniques and to maintain appropriate schedules
• Discuss treatment goals with patient [8,43]
   - Explain the rationale for adding insulin to the treatment regimen and the health benefits associated with improved glycemic control
   - Allay patient fears about possible negative health consequences associated with insulin therapy
   - Assure the patient that the need for insulin does not mean his or her diabetes has worsened to a point where it cannot be managed successfully
• Discuss the patient's day-to-day routine and habits [8]
   - Identify how food, exercise, and lifestyle choices may influence therapy and treatment goals
   - Assure the patient that he or she can continue to take part in favorite activities, including eating in restaurants and travel