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Table 5 Reported study side effects surveyed by telephone the day after each treatment session*

From: The immediate effect of individual manipulation techniques on pulmonary function measures in persons with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Technique Minimal- touch Control TLP with Activation TLP Without Activation Rib Raising Myofascial Release
Subject A B C B D
Reported Side Effect PFT made sore for 2 or 3 days Chest pain in middle for 24 hours Soreness in front chest Chest pain during the procedure Soreness in chest for 1 day
Subject   E F F G
Reported Side Effect   Soreness in the chest, remains next day Stiff neck and headache the next day Tired back During the treatment, not afterwards, sore in lower ribs near (old) surgery site
Subject   H I J  
Reported Side Effect   Chest pressure during treatment, pain for 2-3 days Sore in chest later that night lasted until next day, and chest congestion Pain during treatment, better afterwards, best so far  
Subject   K L   
Reported Side Effect   Cramps in left lung Discomfort across the back afterwards   
Reported Side Effect Rate 1 out of 18
4 out of 23
4 out of 21
3 out of 20
2 out of 16
  1. TLP, thoracic lymphatic pump; PFT, pulmonary function testing.
  2. * Paraphrased from subjects' reports.